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InoCrowd, the organization that helps you being disruptive

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18 Maio 2018

InoCrwod is the only open innovation company operating in Portugal which goal is to ease the connection between entities of the World Scientific System and the organizations/companies that constantly need to innovate. In that way, InoCrowd speeds all innovation processes within its own organization.

With our work system, we've managed to get innovation solutions with a success rate higher than 95% in a time lapse of 4 to 6 weeks, and to reach more than 500.000.000 people from different locations around the world.

In our open innovation partnership board we rely on the most prestigious American and European universities, all Portuguese universities, as well as renown innovation agencies, like NASA.

Most of our clients are medium and large companies, based in Portugal, that need problem solving. They contact us because of the link we established between these organizations and the experts with extraordinary experience, both academic or professional, in the most diversified areas.

It is interesting to realize that most of these solutions are stuck in a drawer but really are the answer to the needs of problems that some organizations can't solve for years.

Regarding the solvers, they are based in all continents, in countries like Malaysia, Iran, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, France, United States and Portugal.

InoCrowd's innovative concept keeps raising high attention and to achieve important awards: Inovação de Negócios do Movimento Milénio Award, Ideias e Negócios de Cascais Contest, StartUp Chile, Tech Media e Eban Share Deals, Wolves Summit 2015 and Hewlett-Packard Global Startup Award “most likely to succeed”.