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Participante no Youth Exchange @ All Aboard
12 Dezembro 2018

On the month of September, I had the opportunity of participating in a 10-day youth exchange in Portugal; nine of those were aboard the Caravel Vera Cruz, where we sailed from Lisbon to various destinations like Sines, Tróia, Sesimbra, and the famous Berlengas Archipelago.

During these days, on a ship that I already consider home, I got to know a little bit of each of the participating countries through amazing people who I can gladly call friends.

Being part of the ship's crew didn't make me take advantage of this experience any less, being part of this group made miracles for my leadership skills, teamwork, and I very much succeeded in getting out of my comfort zone, which is something that I've been trying to do more and more this last year.

It was with fun and innovative activities like cleaning beaches, filming and editing promotional videos, interviewing passers-by on the street, even preparing and performing our own flash mob, among others, that I got to broaden my knowledge on sustainability and entrepreneurship. And it was by sharing all these moments with my partners, through deep group reflections, and simply by living with these people in the middle of the ocean, that I got to create these strong bonds with them, some of which I hope will be long-lasting. Thanks to all of this, I feel really connected to these 3 countries.

Lastly, I am very thankful for this incredible experience, I had never imagined that I could have the privilege of going along on this journey, figuratively and literally. I feel lucky for having had this opportunity.

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